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In the spring of 2023, the ‘A-team’ used lots of manure from the dung heap and seedlings they had grown themselves to plant lots of pumpkins in Field 9, just beyond the orchard. Or rather, they thought they were all pumpkins but some turned out to be courgettes and squashes…..

The hard work of the A-team in tending to the plants, and the rain and sunshine over the last few months, have produced the most enormous pumpkins and one of them won first prize at Northiam Horticultural Show. Great Dixter’s Fergus Garrett who judged the entries was most impressed and confirmed it was an Atlantic Giant. It was on display at the pop-up pub and went on to be part of St Mary’s Church harvest festival display.

Pupils from Frewen and Northiam Primary schools have visited to choose pumpkins to take back to their schools for decoration, display or cooking. In October everyone in the village was invited to come along to take a pumpkin for Hallowe’en in return for an optional donation which will go to Rye Food Bank.

To help you find the pumpkin field, here is a little map, together with a photo of the prize-winning Atlantic Giant and some of the Frewen pupils with the pumpkins they chose.

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