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News from the National Garden Scheme

Updated: Apr 5

We are delighted to have been awarded a grant by the National Garden Scheme to support our development of the Community Produce Garden at St Francis Fields.  This great news was received during Community Gardens Week (1-7 April) and so very timely. Evidently they received a large number of high quality applications this year, so to have been selected is even more exciting.

More news about the garden and how you can become involved will be posted soon. Many thanks to everyone involved for their work in applying for the grant! Find out more about the National Garden Scheme at

We are now firmly into Spring and one sure sign is the sight of frolicking lambs. As you walk around St Francis Fields you’ll see sheep and their offspring have now taken up residency in some of our fields. May we respectfully remind all dog walkers that St Francis Fields requires dogs to be kept on a lead at all times and in particular to be mindful of the animals grazing there.


This was the second winter that we ran our Yard of Ale pop-up-pub in the village hall, and once again it has been a huge success.  Thank you to everyone that came along to support us.  Before too long we will be able to share the dates for our summer openings at the usual place – in the St Francis Fields yard.


Work continues to develop the Community Produce Garden with generous donations vegetables and fruit are now starting to be planted.  The fantastic news that we’ve been successful in our grant application from the National Garden Scheme will turbo-charge our aspirations for the garden. 


We are all aware ground level gardening involving digging, planting and tending, is not something everyone can do for various reasons. With that in mind, we have thought of ways everyone can get involved making planters for small herb gardens, trailing plants, mini fruit and veg. We will use unwanted items such as pallet boards, old terracotta pots, tin watering cans, anything that could be upcycled.


If you are interested in meeting new people and willing to get involved with our Community Produce Garden, or our accessible gardening, please contact us at


And finally for now, we hope you're enjoying this website which has recently had a refresh. We are tremendously grateful to our volunteers for all their tenacity and hard work in developing our website.  It looks fabulous, thank you to those involved.



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